If you’ve ever tried to remove a safe yourself, you probably realize what a huge task this really is. In order for safes to actually safeguard valuables, they tend to be extremely heavy. Probably the single best reason to hire us to remove your safe is that we have the experience and the right tools to do the job every time. Lifting a heavy safe is an easy way to injure yourself. Even if you have a safe that weighs a couple thousand pounds and is installed in a hard to reach an area, our team members will remove it for you. Call us to receive your detailed free safe removal estimate. We’ll give you a quote that covers all fees for safe removal. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured and we always finish the job safely. It’s important to be extremely careful when removing a safe due to the huge weight and great size. It’s easy to damage things on the way out if you’re not experienced. Luckily, our team of experts has a lot of experience removing safes so we always do it as effectively as possible

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Stress-Free Safe Removal

Even if moving a safe was not dangerous, it certainly would remain an safe-removelincredibly stressful job that could easily ruin your whole day. Something this heavy requires great responsibility when moving, which tends to stress anyone out. Having to move a safe is one of those details that tends to cast a shadow over everything else that’s going on. Getting it out of the way clears the path to finishing other, more important projects. We work on safe removal all the time. Over the years, we’ve developed best practice techniques that allow us to complete the job safely and quickly. Contact us right now to get an estimate on what safe removal will cost you.

Leave Safe Removal to Experience Professionals

Without the right tools, this job is nearly impossible. There’s a lot of dangers involved with moving something this heavy. If it shifts quickly and in the wrong way, someone could get pinned by it. That could cause severe injury in a split second. For that reason, it’s strongly suggested that this task is left to professionals. Damage to humans is not the only risk. Imagine an out of control safe plummeting down steps suddenly. A scenario like this could cause many thousands of dollars worth of damages in no time.

Get Rid of Your Safe Once and for All

We will haul your safe off for you after we remove it. No matter how big your safe is, we’re able to get rid of it. Our friendly staff is here to solve problems for our valued clients. We do this with a minimum of intrusion to people living in the house. We understand you want your house to be clean after we leave. We make sure to tidy up so your house is not trashed by our safe removal service.

We Strive to Offer the Best Service

We believe that strong customer service is the most important factor for our company’s success. We want our clients to be so happy about the work we do that they would happily recommend us to others. Safe removal is always going to be a complex task that requires focus and professionalism. We strive to do the best job possible every time. Give us a call with any questions you have about safe removal. We’re more than happy to answer your questions so we can begin work right away.
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